What is iSOC®?

iSOC® is an oxygen delivery technology called in-situ Submerged Oxygen Curtain (iSOC®) that when suspended in existing monitoring wells infuses high levels of oxygen into groundwater. The proprietary structured polymer used in iSOC® contains hydrophobic microporous hollow fiber. These fibers provide approximately 7,000 square meters of interface area per cubic meter of fiber for the mass transfer of oxygen into groundwater. iSOC® is owned and manufactured by inVentures Technology incorporated (iTi) in Fredericton, New Brunswick and Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

How does iSOC® work?

Oxygen is infused into the water in such a way that large quantities of dissolved oxygen (DO) are created (without sparging), and with a very low decay rate at atmospheric pressure. Once equilibrium is achieved, this process "idles" (no additional oxygen added), until there is a demand for oxygen—either through biomass utilization, or through DO migration and groundwater movement through the well. iSOC® then continues to maintain equilibrium, generating more dissolved oxygen as required.

The use of dissolved oxygen in hydrocarbon-contaminated groundwater to enhance natural attenuation of MTBE and BTEX has been growing as a remediation technology since the mid-1990s. Most conventional technologies, however, waste most of their oxygen because the bubbles rise to the top of the groundwater table and escape before they have a chance to dissolve or to be utilized by naturally occurring hydrocarbon degraders. The result is an inadequate biodegradation response in aquifers with high ferrous iron, moderate BOD, and/or high concentrations of hydrocarbon constituents.

What is Gas inFusion Technology?

The patented Gas inFusion technology is a unique method of infusing gas into liquids. The underlying scientific principle for the iSOC® is the equilibrium that exists between the dissolved concentration of a gas in a liquid and the partial pressure of the gas above the liquid. Henry's Law states: the weight of any gas that will dissolve in a given volume of liquid, at constant temperature, is directly proportional to the pressure that the gas exerts above the liquid.

Where has iSOC® been approved?

iSOC® has been approved for remediation use in most states. iSOC® is now operating on hundreds of sites in North America, Europe and Asia.