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Enhanced anaerobic bioremediation has emerged in recent years as a viable and cost-effective remediation strategy for halogenated straight-chain and aromatic hydrocarbons, perchlorate, explosives such as aromatic nitrates, energetic munitions residuals, nitrates, acids, radionuclides, oxidized metals, and other contaminants in groundwater. The process involves the addition of amendments (electron donors) to groundwater and/or soil to stimulate and increase the number and vitality of existing bacteria capable of degrading the contaminant to innocuous end products.

Electron Donor Solutions (EDS)

The use of our Electron Donor Solutions (EDS) for enhanced anaerobic bioremediation offers the following benefits:

  • Environmentally safe and easy to handle/apply materials
  • Easily injected and pumped into the subsurface using readily available equipment.
  • Lower costs than engineered mechanical systems
  • No long-term operations and maintenance
  • Minimal waste generation
  • Maximized electron donor distribution
  • Conforms to EPA's EPP (Environmentally Preferable Purchasing) and USDA biobased criteria
  • Made from renewable crop-based oils
  • Easily mixes with water for economical application
  • Easily combined with our Gas inFusion technologies to enhanced bioremediation treatment regimen
  • Our technical support and application design assistance

The treatment of contaminants with EDS-ER or EDS-QR is further enhanced with the addition hydrogen-enriched water, cometabolic gas enriched water, or carbon dioxide (CO2) supersaturated water. The addition of hydrogen-enriched water may reduce the demand for the electron donor over the life of the project by as much as 50 percent. The dissolved gas enriched water is added to EDS-ER or EDS-QR as a dilution fluid, used as recirculation water, or used a precondition waters for bioaugmentation culture.