Sangho is a graduate of University of Oklahoma, Norman OK, where he majored in Petroleum Engineering earning a BSc, MSc and Ph.D.  He has eight years of research on chemical enhanced oil recovery (CEOR) and nanoparticle-based stimulation fluid in laboratory and field implementation of chemical floods.  His experience includes managing single well tracer tests in an Oklahoma oil field and formulating fluid systems (surfactant/nanoparticle) for CEOR/ acidizing/ fracturing/ conformance control in various oil fields in USA, Canada, UAE

Sangho also has two patent applications pending for: Neutral Buoyancy Control for Surfactant-Enhanced Aquifer Remediation of Dense NAPL, 2018 and A Nanoparticle-Based Stimulation Fluid for Acid Diversion in Carbonate Reservoirs, 2017

With a background in fundamentals of petroleum engineering and colloid and surface science on laboratory and field operation, Sangho further strengthens our  capabilities in surfactant remediation and colloidal suspension of ZVI particles.

Sangho Bang, Ph.D.
Manager, Research and Development
919.453.5577 x2007

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