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Tersus offers engineered solutions to help our clients reduce uncertainty, minimize risks, and achieve cost-effective results for a broad range of soil and groundwater contaminants. We are available to help you evaluate the feasibility of using our technologies at your site. We offer technical expertise on a variety of technologies and are not focused on any single solution. Contact us to discuss the treatability of your contaminant of concern and site details so that we can suggest an effective solution.

For additional questions, please call Customer Care at 919.453.5577. Interested in a site evaluation? To take advantage of this service, please take a moment to supply us with the appropriate site information by selecting the option that best suits your schedule and needs at this link

Products and Treatable Contaminants 

The suggestions provided in this Contaminants Treatment Guide are intended as a complimentary service to help you evaluate the feasibility of using our technologies at your site. There is therefore no warranty (expressed or implied) or liability of any kind. Results will depend on site-specific conditions, so please discuss your site with a Tersus Technical Associate. It is recommended that a treatability study be performed to verify the applicability of our products to your specific contaminant and site conditions. We are not a professional engineering firm and do not provide professional advice. Product sheets, brochures, instructions, technical advice, suggested recommendations by our staff, or other information provided by Tersus Environmental and/or the companies we represent are provided as guidelines for the convenience of the recipient only and should not be construed as substitutes for appropriate engineering and geologic design by qualified professionals.