Sangho Bang, Ph.D.

Sangho is a graduate of University of Oklahoma, Norman OK, where he majored in Petroleum Engineering earning a BSc, MSc and Ph.D.  He has eight years of research on chemical enhanced oil recovery (CEOR) and nanoparticle-based stimulation fluid in laboratory and field implementation of chemical floods.  His experience includes managing single well tracer tests in an Oklahoma oil field and formulating fluid systems (surfactant/nanoparticle) for CEOR/ acidizing/ fracturing/ conformance control in various oil fields in USA, Canada, and UAE.

Sangho also has two patent applications pending for: Neutral Buoyancy Control for Surfactant-Enhanced Aquifer Remediation of Dense NAPL, 2018 and Nanoparticle-Based Stimulation Fluid for Acid Diversion in Carbonate Reservoirs, 2017.

With a background in fundamentals of petroleum engineering and colloid and surface science on laboratory and field operation, Sangho further strengthens our  capabilities in surfactant remediation and colloidal suspension of ZVI particles.