Suggested Acessories to Complete Your Waterloo Emitter Installation™

Below we have conveniently list where to buy typical accesories to complete your Waterloo Emitter™.  Required installation components include:

  • Waterloo Emitter™
  • NPT riser pipe or suspension line with threaded top cap
  • ¼" Polyurethane 95A tubing (supply and vent lines)
  • Oxygen Supply - Medical grade or Extra-dry oxygen
  • Oxygen regulator for supply tank
  • Reducer regulator and gauge to allow setting pressures at: 2 - 20 psi (silicone tubing) and 10 - 100 psi (LDPE tubing)
  • Tubing manifold if more than one Emitter is to be spplied from the same oxygen tankShut-off valve or needle valve for system purging

Medium Duty Single
Stage Oxygen Regulator
 No Smoking
 Flow Control
 Needle Value Lifting Line  SS Wire Rope
Cable Clip Clamp
100' 50'
Gas Cylinder Wall Mounted Bracket


Tubing Connect Fittings    Tubing
 Polyurethane 95A
¼" OD  
1 Cylinder, Plastic 2 Cylinders, Plastic 1 Cylinder, Aluminum  Tee ¼" OD

¼" OD

  3/8" NPT Female Cap  Coupling Schedule 80
3/8" NPT Female
 Nipple, Schedule 80
3/8" NPT Male, 4"