ISCO-Enhanced Bio™

In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) - Catalyzed Hydrogen Peroxide (CHP)

Looking for an ISCO-BIO combo for your groundwater remediation project? Catalyzed TersOx Accelerate is formulated to slowly generate hydroxyl free radicals that exhausts oxygen demand, eliminates high contaminant inhibition and enhances bioremediation performance by reducing lag times and directs biological activity towards contaminant breakdown. This powerful and non-selective preliminary reactions can oxidize a wide variety of organic contaminants into non-regulated compounds, yet it is extremely stable to be blended as one product for subsurface injection, above ground for safety, for long-lasting effects below ground, and to allow contact where needed.

Catalyzed TersOx Accelerate offers potency, stability and persistence of biological polishing. Our proprietary catalyst will slowly and steadily activate TersOx Accelerate, avoiding excessive and inefficient heat and pressure problems associated with conventional ISCO approaches. The performance of standard oxygen releasing TersOx™ and TersOx Nutrients following a Catalyzed TersOx Accelerate event significantly improves, allowing overall project goal to be met sooner and permanently, while keeping costs low. Up-to-date research shows this one-two punch approach give is much more efficient: by targeting just sufficient mass discharge drops, the sum of both steps removes more contaminant mass at less cost than ISCO or Bio as stand-alone approaches.

In Short: TersOx™ family of products are a combination of hydroxyl free radicals, slowly released oxygen and nutrients specially formulated to give you more bang for your buck.


  • Compatible with bioremediation
  • Slower caloric release when compared to traditional Fenton's reagent
  • Does not generate excess heat
  • Does not form insoluble byproducts that could clog the aquifer
  • Does not discolor nearby receptors such as water recovery wells or nearby surface water bodies as is the case with permanganates
  • Ideal reagent for in situ surfactant and chemical oxidant flushing for complete remediation of contaminants (Tersus assigned U.S. Patent Nos. 6,913,419 B2; 7,021,863 B2; 7,364,386 B2; 7,708,496 B2; and 7,677,836 B2)
  • Permanent, minimizes rebound
  • Safe and cost competitive

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