Modulated TersOx™ Liquid

In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) - Catalyzed Hydrogen Peroxide (CHP)

Looking for a slow release ISCO option?  Modulated TersOx™ Liquid (M-TOL) offers potency, stability and persistence of biological polishing. TersOx™ Modulator will slowly and steadily activate TersOx™ Liquid, generate hydroxyl radicals that destroy contaminants.  This powerful and non-selective preliminary reactions can oxidize a wide variety of organic contaminants into non-regulated compounds, yet it is extremely stable to be blended as one product for subsurface injection, above ground for safety, for long-lasting effects below ground, and to allow contact where needed.  

The performance of standard oxygen releasing TersOx™ and TersOx™ Nutrients following a M-TOL event significantly improves, allowing overall project goal to be met sooner and permanently, while keeping costs low. Up-to-date research shows this one-two punch approach give is much more efficient: by targeting just sufficient mass discharge drops, the sum of both steps removes more contaminant mass at less cost than ISCO or Bio as stand-alone approaches.

In Short: TersOx™ family of products are a combination of hydroxyl free radicals, slowly released oxygen and nutrients specially formulated to give you more bang for your buck.


M-TOL is a greatly improved Fenton's chemistry that offers the following advantages:

  • Simultaneously activates and stabilizes hydrogen peroxide. Feel free to contact us for further details on this dynamic.
  • Formulated for above-ground blending, with very limited exotherm (maximum temperature is 80 °F), as one product for subsurface injection at 4% to allow contact where needed.
  • No need for other activators like iron after the fact.
  • The 4% application mitigates waste of oxidants that is common with traditional Fenton’s applications at 12% -15% or more.
  • Suppresses the exotherm and stays in first order kinetics.
  • Excess pressure and temperature buildup are controlled which mitigates desorption of contaminants from the matrix.
  • Slower caloric release when compared to traditional Fenton's Reagent.
  • Has a significant longevity of at least three months which minimizes the need for expensive re-application mobilization costs. This is based on the elevation and decay curves for ORP over time.
  • Ideal reagent for in situ surfactant and chemical oxidant flushing for complete remediation of contaminants (Tersus assigned U.S. Patent Nos. 6,913,419 B2; 7,021,863 B2; 7,364,386 B2; 7,708,496 B2; and 7,677,836 B2).
  • Permanent, minimizes rebound.

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Is Modulated TersOx™ Liquid the right solution for your contamination concern? Have questions or want to explore some ideas?   Contact Us to learn how we can put together a money saving program to get your project over the finish line. If you have a project and need a remediation solution now, request a site evaluation by supplying us with the appropriate site information at this link.  Our skill and experience implementing in situ remediation technologies creates high-value solutions to complex groundwater and soil contamination and related issues at a lower cost. Tersus welcomes the opportunity to work with you and your team to help you successfully plan and execute your next project.