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Tersus Expands into Europe

Tersus establishes presence in Ireland to better serve its clients in Europe.

Co. Cork, Ireland - (May 20, 2019) Tersus announces that it has incorporated in Ireland as Tersus Environmental Limited.  As a recognized premier provider of technology-based solutions for in situ remediation, Tersus provides unparalleled technical support to increase remediation effectiveness and decrease remediation costs. “The decision to expand into Europe and establish Tersus Environmental Limited was a logical step in our business growth strategy,” said Gary Birk, Managing Partner for Tersus. “It’s critical that we meet clients where they live to service them most effectively.”

"Thanks to our presence in Ireland, Tersus can establish even closer ties with our European clients and is better positioned to introduce our technologies for soil and groundwater remediation to environmental professionals throughout the region,” said Aaron Archibald, Partner for Tersus.

For more information or to get in contact with a Tersus representative in your region, contact cutsomer support.