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When it comes to contaminated site remediation there is a broad range of possible solutions. Tersus offers a diverse selection of products and technologies. For every zone of your plume, we’ve got you covered!

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In Situ Sorption and Biodegradation

Combining powdered activated carbon with an electron acceptor to stimulate biodegradation, NutriBind® is designed to address the challenges inherent in soil and groundwater remediation. NutriBind® is a powdered reagent that, once applied, delivers rapid contaminant concentration reduction combined with accelerated bioremediation.

Surfactant-Enhanced Aquifer Remediation (SEAR)

Tersus Advanced Surface Kinetics (TASK™) liberates NAPL and captures them with enhanced recovery techniques.

In Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR)

ISCR combines both biological processes and ZVI particle driven abiotic pathways to chemically reduce persistent organic compounds such as chlorinated solvents, pesticides and energetics into harmless end products.

Enhanced Anaerobic Bioremediation

Under anaerobic conditions, organic contaminants can serve as the electron donors or electron acceptors during biodegradation processes (USEPA, 2013).

Electron Donors for Anaerobic Reductive Bioremediation

Electron Acceptors for Anaerobic Oxidative Bioremediation

Bioaugmentation Cultures, Gene-Trac® Molecular Testing and Laboratory Treatability Studies  

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In Situ Chemical Oxidation
Enhanced Aerobic Bioremediation

Gas Difusion

  • Waterloo Emitter™

Chemistries for Controlled Release of Molecular Oxygen

Nutrient Blends and Adapted Microorganisms

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Additional Key Resources

 USEPA 2013      Perfluoroalkyl Substances in the Environment: Theory, Practice, and Innovation    ITRC, 2011, Technical/Regulatory Guidance, Permeable Reactive Barrier: Technology Update  

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