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Tersus is the first company to commercialize a self-emulsifying oil for enhanced reductive dechlorination. EDS-ER™ (electron donor solution – extended release) by Tersus Environmental is a vegetable oil that self emulsifies on contact with water. EDS-ER™ is 100% fermentable and contains no water, which allows reducing shipping costs. EDS-ER™ contains food grade soybean oil and food grade vegetable oil derived fatty acid esters but does not contain preservatives. All components are classified as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS). When mixed with water, EDS-ER™ has a neutral pH, which means you do not have to adjust the pH in the field. Low pH formulations provided by other vendors can inhibit microbial growth. Also in 2011, Tersus commercialized Nutrimens®, an all-natural bio-fermentation product produced during the fermentation of an unmodified strain of botanical classification Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Nutrimens® is designed to enhance the kinetics and efficiency of microbial systems. Another advantage of Nutrimens® is that it also provides a source of soluble donor, it contains over 12% Total Carbon and also maintains circumneutral pH.