Tersus entered into an agreement with Ziltek Pty Ltd, Adelaide, Australia wherein Tersus is appointed the North American exclusive distributor for the RemBind™ product. RemBind® is a unique powdered reagent that binds and immobilizes contaminants in soils and sediments. RemBind® treats a broad range of organics including PFOS, PFOA, PCBs, PCPs, PAHs, TPH, various pesticides and heavy metals such as arsenic, chromium and mercury. NutriBind® is the latest technology innovation from Tersus in association with Ziltek Pty Ltd. Designed to address the challenges in soil and groundwater remediation. NutriBind® combines the power of the Patented RemBind® Technology (US Patent 8,940,958) with the proven performance of Nutrisulfate® (U.S. Patent No. 7,138,060) that once applied delivers rapid contaminant concentration reduction (days) combined with accelerated bioremediation. When mixed with water, the resulting buffered slurry contains elevated sulfate along with a wide array of beneficial vitamins, minerals, and metabolites designed to increase efficiency of electron donor (hydrocarbon contaminants) utilization.