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Nutrimens® is an all-natural fermentation product.  Nutrimens® liquid is produced during the anaerobic fermentation of an unmodified strain of botanical classificationSaccharomyces cerevisiae, including products of fermentation, residual yeast cells and yeast fragments, and the media utilized during fermentation.

Nutrimens® provides reduced carbon and a wide array of beneficial vitamins, minerals, and metabolites to microbes for enhanced bioremediation of contaminated sites.  It can be utilized in groundwater remediation efforts using the liquid or granular formulation or in bioreactors and constructed wetland treatment systems to improve remediation of effluents and surface waters for various metals. Nutrimens® increases removal rates of many priority pollutants and aids in maintaining circumneutral pH.

Our Nutrimens® technology has the potential to offer significant cost savings to the groundwater remediation industry.  The passive nature of Nutrimens® eliminates the large capital and operations/maintenance costs associated with active engineered systems. Nutrimens® offers a faster and lower cost alternative to drawn out natural attenuation approach.