Zero Valent Iron (ZVI)

Customizable ZVI Products

Looking for a ZVI solution? Tersus now offers Höganäs’ Cleanit® technology, a unique, engineered ZVI media that has extremely high porosity, surface area and reactivity, providing exceptional performance.

Family of Products and Particle Sizes

Product Line


Particle Size

Cleanit® SI


<100 μm

<45 μm

<30 μm

<10 μm

<5 μm

Cleanit® SB

Soil Blending

100 –250 μm

Cleanit® SR

Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB)

>250 μm


Cleanit® Media: Higher Surface Area & Reactivity

A visual comparison of the' media Tersus offers to competing ZVI media can be seen below:Cleanit® Media: Higher Surface Area & Reactivity

ZVI  Cleanit 
 Typical ZVI  Cleanit® Media


Key Features

  • Uniquely engineered media
  • High porosity & large surface area (>100 times the surface area compared to conventional ZVI)
  • High reactivity (>10 times more reactive)
  • Higher adsorption capacity
  • Wide range of particle sizes
  • Customizable by applications/site

ZVI to Cleanit® Performance Comparison, by Hydrogen Production

  • Gas production rate of Cleanit® media is about 8 times higher
  • Total yield of gas production is 53 times greater
  • Cleanit® media continuously produces the gas for more than 250 days opposed to 15 days by typical ZVI
  • Cleanit® media reduce remediation time drastically
  • Passivation is very slow

Key Value Proposition

  • High reactivity to reduce remediation time
  • Better longevity for increased reliability and reduction of injections
  • Excellent supply chain reliability
  • Product typically ships within 72 hours