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Combining Powdered Activated Carbon with an Electron Acceptor to Stimulate Biodegradation

Now available for both Aerobic and Anaerobic Bioremediation

Designed to address the challenges in soil and groundwater remediation, NutriBind® is a powdered reagent that once applied delivers rapid contaminant concentration reduction (days) combined with accelerated bioremediation. When mixed with water, the resulting slurry contains elevated electron acceptors to increase efficiency of electron donor (hydrocarbon contaminants) utilization.

NutriBind® has a dual function. It immediately binds and immobilizes contaminants in soil and groundwater, quickly removing them from the mobile phase. The high surface area provides a matrix favorable for microbial colonization and growth. Treatment of the sorbed contaminants is further accomplished through enhanced aerobic bioremediation or sulfate enhanced bioremediation, depending on the formulation selected.

NutriBind® stimulates biodegradation by providing a readily available electron acceptor, TersOx™ for enhanced aerobic bioremediation or Nutrisulfate®  for sulfate enhanced bioremediation. In the presence of elevated electron acceptors, groundwater bacteria use BTEX, MTBE and other petroleum hydrocarbons for carbon and energy while mineralizing the hydrocarbons to carbon dioxide and water. Oxygen (aerobic bioremediation) or sulfate (anaerobic bioremediation) addition enhances natural conditions and reduces the carbon footprint when compared to conventional remediation.

Features & Benefits

  • NutriBind® treats both water and soil
  • Immediate solution with a predictable end result
  • Rapidly reduces dissolved-phase plumes in days/weeks
  • Stops plume migration and protects sensitive receptors
  • Addresses matrix back diffusion
  • Cost effective treatment alternative
  • Available with Kosher certified powdered adsorbent media that meets NSF/ANSI Standard 61

*NutriBind®, Nutrimens®, and Nutrisulfate® are registered trademarks of Tersus Environmental, LLC.