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David F. Alden, P.E. (NC)

David serves as the Manager of Technical Services at Tersus Environmental, where he is a dedicated professional with extensive experience in environmental engineering and technical services. In this pivotal role, David is instrumental in fostering innovation and excellence within the realm of environmental solutions. He provides crucial technical support for Tersus' biotechnology-based solutions, specializing in the management of complex environmental liabilities and cost reduction for site closure.

David's academic journey includes earning a degree in Civil Engineering from Universidad de las Americas-Puebla, Mexico, and a master's degree from Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble, France. With this diverse educational background, he brings a unique perspective to his position.

Having spent four years in the upstream oilfield sector, David contributed significantly to offshore well tests and completion design and installation in the Gulf of Mexico. His expertise extends to in situ oil-shale extraction experiments in the Piceance Basin, Northwestern Colorado, with a primary focus on safeguarding groundwater.

A key aspect of David's work revolves around the development of innovative technologies for restoring groundwater and soil in challenging sites. He has authored three patents on reductive bioremediation and in situ chemical reduction, with US Patent 11,123,779 B2 titled "Method and a Chemical Composition for Accelerated In Situ Biochemical Remediation" being a notable contribution. Additionally, he has eight pending patent applications for groundwater contaminant remediation.

Managing the companies Compound-Specific Isotope Analysis (CSIA) projects, David showcases his commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements by applying cutting-edge techniques to assess environmental contaminants. David leverages his expertise in CSIA to provide a quantitative means for differentiating reaction pathways—shedding light on the intricate processes of abiotic and biotic degradation. This not only enhances our understanding of environmental challenges but also paves the way for more targeted and effective solutions.

David also employs molecular biologic tools to assess remediation performance. By integrating cutting-edge techniques, he ensures that our environmental solutions are not only efficient but also sustainable in the long run.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, David actively engages in community initiatives focused on environmental awareness and sustainability. His multifaceted background and dedication to finding sustainable solutions position him as a thought leader in the environmental engineering field. David's comprehensive experience, innovative approach, and unwavering commitment make him a driving force behind Tersus Environmental's mission to provide sustainable and effective solutions to complex environmental challenges.