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Sherri Scott

Sherri Scott serves as the Manager of Business Development for the U.S. region at Tersus, overseeing operational and strategic marketing, as well as fostering customer relationships. Transitioning from a paralegal background to sales, Sherri brings a unique blend of skills to her role, marked by her exceptional drive, positivity, and self-motivation.

With a career spanning various roles, Sherri has a wealth of experience, including managing escalated customer complaints for IBM’s Chairman’s office, often involving complex litigation. This experience has honed her understanding of the delicate balance required in business relationships. Sherri's approach prioritizes relationship-building, ensuring a foundation of trust before pursuing sales opportunities.

Drawing on her diverse background in sales, customer care, and legal support, Sherri consistently demonstrates a strong work ethic and a talent for driving results. She is dedicated to creating positive impacts through collaboration and partnership, aligning organizational goals with a shared vision.

Based in the Carolinas, Sherri is actively involved in supporting the South Carolina Association of Environmental Professionals, where she served as Past President. She takes great pride in delivering exceptional customer care and driving overall business development efforts, believing in the power of teamwork and unified goals.