TersOx™ Accelerate contains Hydrogen Peroxide Kosher(32%) Food Grade, 5 gallon pail, includes shipping.


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The Waterloo Emitter™ is designed to assist in-situ remedial biodegradation of MTBE, BTEX and other contaminants. It enables oxygen (or hydrogen for anaerobic remediation) to diffuse through silicone or LDPE tubing in a controlled uniform manner. The simple, low-cost, patented technology consists of a PVC frame wrapped with tubing that can be pressurized to obtain the desired diffusive transfer of gas, appropriate to site-specific needs. Sized for 2", 4" and 6" wells, the units can be stacked in a well and joined from one well to another, to allow the controlled continuous diffusion of gas into the plume.

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Bioremediation metabolic nutrient and soluble electron donor

All-natural fermentation product produced during the anaerobic fermentation of an unmodified strain of botanical classification Saccharomyces cerevisiae, including products of fermentation, residual yeast cells and yeast fragments, and the media utilized during fermentation plus cereal grains

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Chemical Fixation of Organic & Inorganic Contaminants

RemBind® , a powdered reagent, binds up and immobilizes contaminants in soil. RemBind® is typically added at less than 5% by weight using conventional soil blending equipment. Binding occurs within 24hrs.

Packaging:  700 kg Super Sack Bags

Shipping prepaid and invoiced seperately at time of shipment.

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Dhc cultures require the cobalt-containing transition-metal coenzyme vitamin B12.  It is reported that optimal dechlorination and growth occur at vitamin B12 concentrations ranging from 25 to 50 micrograms per liter (25 µg/L) (Stroo et al., 2013).   Vitamin B12 is not commonly found in simple substrates such as emulsified vegetable oil (EVO) and at considerably lesser amounts in micronutrient blends.  To answer the growing demand for vitamin B12 and to provide for flexibility in adding vitamins in the field, Tersus offers Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12 USP) packaged in 100 gram tins.

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Tersus provides amino acids (L-Cysteine Base ) to quickly create reducing conditions necessary for successful bioaugmentation using cultures such as KB-1®.  

Formula: C3H7NO2S
Molar mass: 121.16 g/mol
Melting point: 464°F (240°C)
Soluble in: Water

Packaging:  25 kg Fiber Drums

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